Spaceships Don’t Come Equipped with Rear View Mirrors.

‘We drive in mommy’ car.’ – said my twin boys.

‘No, we are driving in mommy’s van.’ – said my husband(correcting our boys)

Hearing this exchange, it made me smile and reflect on my own choice to minivan. How far I’ve come – from the girl next door to a boss babe doing #dealsinheels. In truth, my choice to van is everything to do with my kids and me driving a minivan has only made me more fabulous.

Here’s my story.minivan-packed-1.4

“America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.”― Will Ferrell

Love this quote. It’s true. We are all about speed. It’s why NASCAR is so popular and why we all want the fastest cars on the road. It’s also why – no one wants to drive a minivan. Because they don’t seem exciting, fast or sexy. For myself, I stopped obsessing about what I was driving and started focusing on why I was driving it, when I became a mom. There comes a point in every parent’s life they have to go minivan.

We dread it… this moment, the decision – to be bold and drive the ultimate mommy mobile. A car so grand that it can comfortably fits 6 passengers and 8 if you wanna squeeze.

A vehicle so opulent that when the Starbucks barista asks you if you want a cup holder tray with your to-go order you say, ‘no doll this ride has 30 cup holders so I think I got it.’

We know that going van represents a transition into a different part of our lives, a means to an end and (ultimately) a practical way to get around. And let’s face it – no one wants to drive ‘practical’… that’s not hot, nasty or badass.

It can make you feel like your freedom and dreams are disappearing as you go van. That you’ll be stuck in a big yellow submarine and never go above 30 MPHs ever again. I know for myself, when I made the decision that I would go minivan, that not only did I have a stir of emotions about it, but so did just about everyone.

They would say things like ‘whatever you do, never drive a minivan… your life will end if you get a van’ (I can only assume they meant the life of my coolness). OR they would say ‘you can do it in a normal car, so you definitely don’t need that mommy mobile.’ But, the reality of it was – I did (and still do).  What else would I fit the double stroller into or get two little kids the same age in and out of by myself?

The answer was clear – it was minivan or bust. But I couldn’t just have any van, it had to still make me feel alive and like I wasn’t driving a Winnebago. I needed a car that would make me feel like I had a ticket to go anywhere.

So the test driving began, I loved Toyota so naturally I thought the Sienna would be ‘it’…  I went to the dealership and the instant I drove it, I had an allergic reaction to its ‘Winnie-ness’… it was like I was driving a huge caravan (also a popular 1980’s minivan).  So, the Sienna van dream lasted about a second and then there she was… my van. On a car stand at the Toyota dealership, a Honda Odyssey lease trade in. She gleamed in the sun. Her tinted windows and overall sportiness spoke to me immediately.

But I had just gotten my heart broken by the Sienna, so I was hesitant and my hubby said ‘Babe it’s really nice, we should test drive it. It has everything we could ever want for our family in it.’

And so I did. 6 months pregnant, I felt like Ricky Bobby, like a race car driver with the Odyssey’s pick up and go. She turned on a dime and for the first time in my parenthood journey I was going van.#shakeandbake

To be honest, I have never really called my van a ‘minivan’. I lovingly refer to it as my swagger wagon. I did this at first, because I could not believe I was driving a minivan. I was far too chic for such things. But truth is – I realize the overall swagger of the wagon has absolutely nothing to do with the actual vehicle. It’s all me.  I’ve only gotten more swagger in the years of driving it and being a mom.

That’s the thing with life – some days you just need reminded of where you came from… from car to van and that becoming a mother is the most fast n’ furious experience of all. #momoftwins

To finding your need for speed and inner swagger – where you least expect it.

Now go drive a van. #swaggawagon