I am a high-energy, versatile sales and marketing professional with a proven ability to produce results. With a diverse background in sales, marketing, demand generation and strategic planning, I am an effective leader and key contributor to many clients and a number of business units.

In my current role as a Sr. Integrated Manager, I am a top revenue generator for Ingram and my technology clients (nicknamed – #dealinheels). I achieve this by 1) relationship building, 2) mixing the art and science of sales + marketing (smarketing), 3) deep understanding of data, analytics and business intelligence 3) creating scalable and repeatable integrated campaigns/process(es) driven by data, and 4) applying this expertise to articulate clients’ strategies and business objectives to achieve better results.

As a Digital Gladiator, I am busy developing my personal brand and social presence, and writing about ‘juggling it all’ as a careerist, mom of twin boys, wifey and gladiator. I believe in dreaming big, hustling harder and pushing the limits. My personal credo (professional, too) is that ‘every day can be a championship day’… I go after this always – in all ways.


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