NO MORE DINNER FOR LUNCH. How To Be A Better Smarketer In 2016.

Y’know what they say a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

Today, I find this statement so relevant to what is happening to the sales and marketing ‘body’, as we expand into the information age. As a #smarketer (sales + marketer), we are serving our prospects and clients endless meals of mass emails, telemarketing, social cat calling, and advertisements. We are getting fat in all the wrong spots and (in turn) our clients are literally starving from it. 


We are in a constant stew of bland, stale and blubbery generic lead gen tactics, techniques and vehicles that add to the noise, but they do not solve the starvation and hunger our prospects and clients are facing. (#HANGRY)

We smarketing folk are gorging ourselves on big #greazzyy, unhealthy dinners for lunch and then dinner again and expect to be lean, mean, svelte fighting machines and have endless amounts of business from it. Our sous chefs have gotten sloppy during the meal prep of what’s intended to be a six-course meal and in turn, served us #SPAM.

In business (or life), you cannot have a constant diet of fat and expect to be lean, let alone healthy and relevant. Let’s face it – sales and marketing’s belt buckle is bursting at the seams because of the need to feed the beast.(#BEAST = the sales funnel’s insatiable appetite)

How do we fix this? It starts with trimming the fat, funneling responsibly and this pledge. 

If you are eating dinner for lunch:

I <YOUR NAME>, smarketer of <YOUR JOB/BIZ>, promise to stop eating dinner for lunch and personalize my marketing and sales efforts to my prospects and clients, where it makes sense to do so and do my meal prep to make sure I am not just blanketing a universe with lard. I pledge to use data and analytics responsibly, like the savory spices they are, and satisfy my audience’s hunger.

I will own the fact that today – our individual email inbox is our most precious place on our iPhone or device and that it shall be respected. I will make my clientele swoon by promancing them (‘romancing’ your prospect) and make them feel like an individual in my restaurant vs. being in a long line at a cafeteria.

I will not ask my prospects or clients if they eat food, but what they like to eat and where. I will ask how I may better serve them vs. the other way around where I just pig-out at buffet of non-personal emails/ads/outcalls and heaps of data I do not use; letting them watch and drop out of our privacy policy like flies.

To this I pledge – no more dinner for lunch or extra meals that endanger my smarketing strength, agility and power.

To making clients feel like each interaction is cake by the ocean.



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