Drive-thru Cabernet. The Importance of Fun when Adulting

The Importance of Fun when Adulting. 

This is going to be shorter and thus, sweeter than some of my other posts…

It’s Friday – we all look forward to Fridays, because we are one day closer to the weekend and ‘time off’.

As children, our jobs are to play, play hard, play harder, laugh and play some more and when we enter kindergarten – we are to go to school, have fun, play, learn, grow and have lots of days off most likely playing and hanging out and then there’s lots of days off with seasonal, national and summer holidays… so it’s almost like a cruel joke, when you enter the corporate workforce to hear – you must live your life within 2 weeks of PTO (at least I thought it was).

Today, I am a passionate #bossbabe – I absolutely can’t imagine a moment not being a careerist and having the opportunities each day to do and close deals in heels and make magic.

I’m blessed – I love being #dealsinheels… but I realized something recently – #dealsinheels needs to have fun too.

So…I took yesterday off – not for any other reason than fun… #truestory

Yup – you remember those days, of bliss, wonderment and anything is possible as you chose your own adventure – like – you’ll just sit at a café and drink 3 cappuccinos and then hit the mall for a spicy new look… just cuz – cuz you want to, cuz you’re not on a set schedule of a 9-5 with child care logistics and cuz YOU deserve it. #EarnedIt

I realized, I had been adulting so hard…I forgot the important childhood adage of ‘all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’  

While I am no boy…  I’m sparkly, I’m bright and I go hard at all things – I give 100% to my career, my family, my side hustle and yet… I realized I was not going hard at my fun, in essence it was dull.

I’m busy, it goes without saying…  I am a careerist, wifey, mom of twins, digital gladiator, fitness enthusiast and doin’ #dealinheels – there is literally little to no ‘me time’… I am ‘juggling it all’ at every point in my day and the time I have carved out as ‘free time’– goes to my #fitnessjourney.

But it’s definitely not going to whoopin’ it up or just going out with my bestie to laugh and recharge like I did before I was all grown up with kids. #IamABigKidNow

I believe a lot of us busy #bossbabe careerists are in the same boat – we’ve been raised to go non-stop, sip caffeine when we’re tired and not complain. I mean heck – I frequently use the hashtag #cantstop #wontstop and I absolutely mean it, but it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun, too.

So, to days off… sippin’ caffeine or cabernet because you want to – not cuz you have to and to having it all and smiling for absolutely no reason other than the fact, you’re having fun.

To adulting so hard that you eat a Lunchable and sip a Capri Sun because it feels right. To taking a day off and ordering room service while you sit and watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in a hotel because you’re having a ‘Save Ferris’ moment. To a perfectly delightful day by the ocean with your bestie taking selfies because you can.

To that day off (or many) because you have to – you have to fun as hard (and as often) as you do everything else.

To fun. XOXO


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